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Peanutty Goodness...
the nonsensical ramblings of a burnt out student
ok... so i'm pretty sure this was posted by one of those truth or debunkify a-holes... you show up and they jump out of their bus and film a $75 commercial mocking you...

hell - i'm tempted just to show up and stand in front of Macy's all day waiting just to film the encounter... cause its not like you wouldn't know who it was that took the job...

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how happy am i today that i didn't get a place in jersey?
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Personal genie's don't obey copyright law, Nelly... Although kiwi colored air force one's would be a waste of a wish...
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panda cam has apparently turned into zoo janitor cam... i've gotta say - i'm not entertained...

jams playin': Something by Muse

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Any art museum promoted by Diane Keaton is not worth seeing...
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Who the fuck are these people??? Dancing with Nick Lachey's brother who was barely even out there for a moment??? I think they're throwing around the term "stars" a little too loosely... ugh

and the radio show that took over for howard stern is absolutely grating. as someone who spends about an hour in the car in the morning i got used to listening to howard stern and now they have these morons on. "Rovers Morning Glory" which consists of 3 people - Rover who has an incredibly nasal voice and is retarded, Duji who has an incredibly annoying whiny voice with a minnesota accent - i feel like i'm listening to kirsten dunst in drop dead gorgeous - and Dieter who has this shrill fucking annoying thick minnesota accent as well who sounds like he may have at one time pledged ATO if they offered it at the community college level. HORRIBLE... it really makes me want to run out and get satellite - the only thing stopping me is the antenna that they put on your car - i really don't want an antenna with a bulky cord sticking out from my window.

there's no hope...
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aight - i need opinions on these things:

how many times will the president say "patriot act" in his 2006 state of the union address?

how many times will he say the world evil?

how many times will he say the word Iraq?

will the patriot act be renewed in 2006?
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has been pretty entertaining too...
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Somehow knowing that Kelly LeBroc got fat makes me feel better... I suppose It's Schadenfreude.
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Who's gonna make the donuts now???
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